where 419 scam artists meet their match where 419 scam artists meet their match



The Scambusts

The General Practitioner

The Aristocrat II

The Massage Parlour Proprietor

The Football Club Manager

The Vicar V

The Astrologer

The Worm Sanctuary Owner

The Signwriter

The Brewer

The Member of Parliament II

The Door Furniture Specialist

The Inventor IV

The Retired Wing Commander IV

The Baker

The Farmer

The Hotelier

The Veterinary Surgeon

The Vicar IV

The Psychosexual Therapist

The Orphanage Director II

The Cess Pit Cleaner

The Dating Agency Proprietor

The Adult Video Director

The Retired Wing Commander III

The Inventor III

The Poultry Magnate III

The Poultry Magnate II

The Vicar III

The Miller

The Member of Parliament

The Lottery Winner

The Inventor II

The Circus Ringmaster

The Undertaker

The Retired Wing Commander II

The Butcher

The Vicar II

The Vicar

The Doctor of Economics

The Rubber Duck Manufacturer

The Orphanage Director

The Aristocrat

The Poet

The Poultry Magnate

The Retired Wing Commander

The Professor of Economics

The Inventor

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Scambusting Advice

Scambusting Tips

Gilbert’s Guide to Sending Money to Scammers

Blank Western Union and MoneyGram Receipts

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Scambusting Advice

A number of people have been inspired by Gilbert’s exploits and have been in contact, asking for hints and tips on how to go about scambusting themselves. If you feel the urge to have a go yourself, you may find the hints and tips on the following pages useful.

Scambusting Tips

A step-by-step guide on how to have a go at the 419 scammers yourself – safely and anonymously.


Gilbert’s Guide to Sending Money to Scammers

A brief overview of the ways in which Gilbert Murray has persuaded 419 scammers that he has sent money to them.


Blank Western Union and MoneyGram Receipts

Copies of blank Western Union and MoneyGram receipts for you to download, to help you persuade scammers that you really have sent money to them. Guaranteed to have the average scammer going back to the Western Union or MoneyGram office time and time again...


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