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EasyTutu by Macready   (FAQ)  (Revision History)
for English language, PC versions of Baldur's Gate 1 and 2

03/28/2009 - EasyTutu is now nearly three and one half years old.  How time flies...  I'm proud to say that nearly 1.5 terabytes of EasyTutu downloads have been served up here since the site's inception.  Many thanks to all EasyTutu users for your patronage and support.

For those of you just learning about Baldur's Gate Tutu: it is a spectacular project.  It is essentially a total conversion for Baldur's Gate 2, allowing you to play Baldur's Gate and its expansion, Tales of the Sword Coast, using the enhanced Baldur's Gate 2 engine.  The original Tutu was developed by the fine folks at Pocket Plane Group.  If you haven't done so yet, stop by their site to read more about Tutu and the other great mods they have developed, or stop by their Tutu forum and introduce yourself.

EasyTutu is an alternate distribution of Baldur's Gate Tutu which aims for an easy, professional installation, a stable game play experience, and a complete realization of the enhanced capabilities of the Baldur's Gate 2 engine.  If you are frustrated or confused by the Tutu installation procedure, experiencing game stability problems, looking for a simpler installation, or are interested in a more refined gameplay experience, EasyTutu is for you.

Some of the benefits of EasyTutu:



Known Issues

As mentioned above, this distribution of Tutu is very stable and enjoyable.  However, there are a couple of issues worth mentioning:

How To Uninstall

To uninstall EasyTutu, use the "Add or Remove Programs" feature in your Windows Control Panel, and choose to uninstall "Baldur's Gate Tutu."  Then, using My Computer or Windows Explorer, delete the folder to which you installed Tutu.

If you have installed multiple copies of EasyTutu, the uninstall option in the "Add or Remove Programs" utility will only uninstall the most recently installed copy.  This is not a cause for concern, and should not dissuade you from installing multiple copies (if desired).  To remove any other installations, simply use My Computer or Windows Explorer to delete the folder to which you installed the unwanted copy of EasyTutu.


Download EasyTutu   (FAQ)   (Revision History)

Please make sure you've read this page carefully before downloading and using EasyTutu.

SAVEGAME COMPATIBILITY NOTE: If you have an EasyTutu game in progress, finish that game prior to uninstalling EasyTutu and installing the newer version.  Please note that if you switch from one distribution of EasyTutu to the other (i.e., from the SoA version to the ToB version or vice versa), you will lose savegame compatibility.

For those of you who are using Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn (no expansion), download and install the following version of EasyTutu:

EasyTutu_SoA.exe (last updated 28 March 2009)
MD5: EE5E3920CB47E46405CF94AE38FE8B1D

For those of you who are using Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal (expansion installed), download and install the following version of EasyTutu:

EasyTutu_ToB.exe (last updated 28 March 2009)
MD5: 84BB4D2EBC7B2D5D6E90877EAA5EA695


Optional Add-Ons

EasyTutu "Degreenifier"
MD5: 4F71620F9A2898A6C35644FC1CED093C

For information about an optional add-on that will allow you to use the BG2 engine's 3D acceleration feature without in-game water appearing green, see the Known Issues section.
Local copy of EasyTutuDegreenifier-v4.exeEasyTutuDegreenifier-v4.exe

EasyTutu NPC Kit Selection
MD5: 54A4E9795C4B2F41EDF3C64203FDFCAB

Have you long dreamed of making Imoen the assassin she was always meant to be?  Wanted Khalid to fulfill his destiny as the terrifying stuttering barbarian of the Sword Coast?  Here is your chance.  The EasyTutu NPC Kit Selection add-on allows you to select kits for most of the joinable NPCs in Baldur's Gate (you do NOT have to pick a kit for every NPC -- you'll be asked about each one individually).  This add-on is intended as a direct replacement for the kit selection feature that is a part of the conventional Tutu installation process.

Because this add-on overwrites the default incarnations of the various joinable NPCs with "kitted" versions, it should be installed very early in the overall mod installation order, preferably right after the EasyTutu Degreenifier (if you are using it).  Please note that you should absolutely not install this add-on after NPC-oriented mods (such as the BG1NPC Project), or mods which make heavy use of regular expressions (such as BG2 Tweaks), as you will run the risk of overwriting some of the work performed by those mods.  Please see the "Mods" section below for a look at where this add-on fits best into the overall mod installation order.

If you have a game in progress and have already encountered a specific NPC, it is too late to pick a kit for them.  You will need to begin a new game in order for your choice of kit to take effect.

To install the add-on, download this self-extracting archive and extract it to your EasyTutu folder (C:\Program Files\BaldursGateTutu by default).  The installer will activate automatically.  To uninstall the add-on, or to make changes to your original choices, run the Setup-EasyTutuNPCKits.exe program in your EasyTutu folder.
Local copy of EasyTutu NPC Kit Selection v2

EasyTutu Spawn Randomizer
MD5: 83D1A2BE873AAB589E476FDD23397F95

The default behavior of the new EasyTutu spawn system is to populate every spawn point on your initial visit to an area, and then repopulate each spawn point one game day after it has been cleared.  This add-on will allow you to introduce an element of randomness to monster spawning: you may select a base spawn chance (the choices are: 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, or 90%), and the selected percentage is used as the chance of any individual spawn point becoming populated when it is time for a spawn there.  Spawn points will still be capped at a maximum of one spawn per game day with this add-on installed.

A second component of the Spawn Randomizer allows you to configure the time interval used between spawn decisions.  The default interval is one game day, but can now be set anywhere between one day and a week, in one day increments.  You can also effectively disable respawning entirely by setting the interval to 1000 days.

This add-on may be installed at any point in the mod installation order, since it only affects EasyTutu-specific scripts.  It may be installed if you have a game in progress, and will affect all future spawn decisions in that game.  Please note that if you change your spawn settings mid-game, any areas you have already visited will already have either live spawns or, at the very least, spawn decisions already made, so you will have to cycle through the existing/impending spawns prior to your new settings taking root.  You may find it most convenient to install this add-on after all other mods you will be using, as doing so will allow you to experiment with the various spawn percentages most easily.

Recommended settings: I've found that a base spawn chance of 80% with a respawn interval of seven (7) game days makes for an optimal spawn setup.

You must be using the 30 March 2006 (or later) version of EasyTutu in order to use this add-on.  To install it, download this self-extracting archive and extract it to your EasyTutu folder (C:\Program Files\BaldursGateTutu by default).  The installer will activate automatically.  To uninstall the add-on, or to try a different spawn percentage, run the Setup-EasyTutuSpawnRandomizer.exe program in your EasyTutu folder.

Information on when to apply these optional add-ons to your EasyTutu installation can be found in the "Mods" section, below.
Local copy of EasyTutuSpawnRandomizer-v3.exe



Mods are one of the really fun things about playing the Baldur's Gate games today.  They allow you to customize your playing experience, and can really take your overall enjoyment to the next level.  However, the use of mods can often be a source of trouble.  Choosing unstable mods, playing with too many mods, or even installing mods in the wrong order can lead to game instability or worse.

If you are reading this page, it's probably because you have come looking for a user-friendly, stable Tutu experience.  For that reason, I shall list below all of the Tutu-based mods I have personally tried and found to be stable, enjoyable, and exhibiting a true degree of professionalism.  Further, I shall list them in the order in which they should be installed.  If you wish to experiment with mods without degrading the stability of your Tutu installation, I encourage you to pick and choose from among any of the following, and then install them in the order in which they are listed.  Please visit the home websites of each mod to learn more about them.

Finally, some EasyTutu-specific notes: because EasyTutu creates a completely separate installation for playing Tutu, any mods you choose to install should be installed to your EasyTutu folder (C:\Program Files\BaldursGateTutu by default), and not to your Baldur's Gate 2 folder.  Furthermore, EasyTutu is only compatible with Tutu mods that are meant to be applied to an existing installation of Tutu -- any mods that are intended to be applied to vanilla Baldur's Gate and then converted to Tutu may not be used with EasyTutu.

EasyTutu "Degreenifier"

If you opt to use the EasyTutu "Degreenifier" in order to eliminate green water when 3D acceleration is active (details above), it should be installed first.

EasyTutu NPC Kit Selection

If you wish to have the option of assigning kits to most of the BG1 joinable NPCs, this add-on will allow you to do so (details above).  Because it overwrites files, it should be installed very early in the overall mod installation order, right after the EasyTutu Degreenifier.

Hard Times

Local copy of HardTimes-v2.exe

Hard Times is an EasyTutu-specific mod written to promote the May 2008 release of EasyTutu. Its main goals are to have the economy of the Sword Coast more directly reflect the ongoing iron crisis, and to reduce the proliferation of magic items throughout the game. Click the link above to read a much more detailed write-up, and for download information.

Tutufix by Pocket Plane Group

If you opt to install elements from Tutufix, you should not install the following components: core bug fixes, organized journal entries, journal entry titles, and the BG2-style world map (because EasyTutu already includes these components, and in some cases, includes vastly improved versions of them).  Please note that if you use Tutufix v17 or better, you will not need to worry about what's OK to install and what isn't, because as of v17, Tutufix has been programmed to recognize EasyTutu and to offer compatible choices only.

Among the remaining components, the ones I have personally installed and tested are:

BG1NPC Project at The Gibberlings Three

This is probably the most popular Tutu mod in existence, period.  It breathes new life into BG1's array of NPCs by giving them BG2-style banters, as well as opening the door to friendships and romances.

Please note that you MUST use version 15 (or better) of BG1NPC when using the latest release of EasyTutu.  This requirement is due to a deliberate design decision on my part that was graciously accommodated by cmorgan within the release of BG1NPC v15.

TutuGUI by LadeJarl at Pocket Plane Group

This one really completes the Tutu package.  The GUI of the BG2 engine is transformed to look like that of BG1 (while still retaining the improvements of the BG2 engine).  Don't miss it.

EasyTutu Spawn Randomizer

This EasyTutu add-on allows you to customize the new EasyTutu spawn system (details above).  You may install it at any point in the mod installation order; however, you may wish to install it last, as this will allow for easy experimentation with the various options.

I'd like to conclude by pointing out that there are a great many high quality mods available for Tutu above and beyond what I've listed here.  Feel free to try new things!  The purpose of the above list was to give you an accounting of the mods I have personally played with and tested, and that will not detract from EasyTutu's goal of a stable playing experience.

Have fun!