Photo album of Halley5 1998-1999

These images ( are licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Wintering team 1999 ( I am in the middle with the furry hat)
Wintering team 1999

Filling the melt tank in a blow
Filling the melt tank

The buildings at Halley5, for an 'official' photo see the BAS site
The moon over the ACB - Halley5

A Lynx helicopter moving fuel at bedlam in Jan 2000
Lynx helicopter moving fuel

Views of an amazing ice feature in the hinge zone called ArchBerg.
Looking into archberg

Some auroras over the base
An aurora over Halley 5An aurora over halley5

The inevitable penguin photos
Emperor penguin and chickEmperor penguin and chick
Emperor penguin feeding a chickEmperor penguin colony
Emperor penguin colony view from the shelf icePlump emperor penguins comparing chicks

Exploring a crevasseExploring a crevasse
Me sitting outside a tentWalking in the hinge zone
After a stroll around the perimeterTwinOtter passing through a deep field site